Replica Rolex's Day-Date series only produces gold or precious metal cases

Although it made its debut about 30 years ago, the Pearlmaster has developed into the most popular watch among today's female customers. Pearlmaster is an independentreplica watch uk series, equipped with Rolex's rarest metal case, available in 34 mm and 39 mm sizes. However, in the market, it is not difficult for customers to own a smaller Pearlmaster, that is, a 29mm Pearlmaster with a common model of 80298.

Replica Rolex maintained the production of the Pearlmaster 29 for a long time, and then decided to discontinue production of this model and many other models, such as Day-Date II, in 2015. For the past 20 years, replica Rolex has provided many different 29 mm diameter Pearlmasters, but one thing is certain, they all come with platinum or gold cases.

If for men's replica watches, Rolex's Day-Date series only produces gold or precious metal cases, then for women's watches, Pearlmaster is a watch-like series. Unlike all other classic replica watches such as Datejust or Day-Date, Pearlmaster watches are decorated with a strap made up of 5 soft and delicate links.

Compared with the strap set on the standard Pearlmaster movement, the strap design of the current Pearlmaster 29 80298 has been modified in terms of materials. Specifically, the strap is made of 3 different types of gold, but not one.

To confirm, the Pearlmaster 29 80298 currently on sale at Garbo Luxury is a feminine and classic replica watch. Just look at it. From the size to the design, the decoration also confirms that this model is to conquer the gentle personality, the owner who likes "toys", and the nostalgic appearance.

Yes, because the Pearlmaster 29 80298 watch was produced in 2002, the design style is a bit lacking in modernity. But in return, this watch is the essence of the entire Pearlmaster series, made by replica Rolex using the highest quality materials available at the time of its launch.